Mae Deevy
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I help people reconnect with the power that lives within them to find freedom.


My Story

I didn’t wake up one day and realize I needed to overhaul my life.

I didn’t have a near death experience.

I didn’t even really know that anything needed attention.

…But I did know that I didn’t like what I was doing and needed some support to make a shift.

Hypnotherapy changed my life and now I get to support that transformation with my clients.

My hypnotherapy sessions empower me to step into my personal power, claim my self worth, and love on myself more and more every DAY! It has been so life changing and so instrumental to my growth.
— Alison Ryan, Personal Empowerment Coach
I have found Mae to be an incredibly thoughtful guide. I was surprised by how empowered, positive, and connected to my true self I felt after even just my first session - I look forward to continuing to work with Mae!
— Anonymous Client Testimonial
Mae was incredibly helpful during the session, both the explanation portion and the actual hypnosis. Her voice was very soothing and she made me feel safe and looked after.
— Jackie Kossoff, Marketing Strategist & Success Coach