About Me

After completing my 200hr yoga teacher training in 2017, I felt like a failure. I struggled with meditation and couldn’t for the life of me maintain a regular meditative practice.

How could I teach meditation in my yoga classes and yet not be practicing?!

I felt like a fraud.

I decided to try hypnotherapy to conquer this “blockage” and was shocked at how therapeutic my sessions were.

My first hypnotherapy session was so deeply healing I couldn’t believe it.

I soon realized that hypnotherapy was actually "meditation with a goal” - not only did I break through my blockages but I also found my mindfulness practice: hypnotherapy! It was a two-for-one deal.

Shortly after I signed up to become a Certified Hypnotherapist - and the rest is history!

As a Certified Aromatherapist, I aim for essential oils to be “re-normalized.” They have a place in every home - but they especially have a place along side hypnosis. I strongly encourage my clients to integrate their self-hypnosis practice and healing journey with the power of Young Living essential oils. By aligning these two forces of nature, we allow ourselves to relax, go deeper, and achieve our desired results faster and for longer.