Work With Me


“I have found Mae to be an incredibly thoughtful guide. I was surprised by how empowered, positive, and connected to my true self I felt after even just my first session - I look forward to continuing to work with Mae!”

- Anonymous Client Testimonial

What is hypnosis?

Simply stated hypnosis is meditation with a goal. It helps you break down inhibitions that may be holding you back in life - all through the power of your own mind. It’s like we sit down to have a conversation with your subconscious mind and replace those negative thoughts with positive seeds of transformation: new beliefs and ideas that better serve your higher good.

Let’s Work Together

I am offering “student special” packages as I finish my Hypnotherapy Certification. As you may know, hypnosis is simply meditation with a goal - it is a tool that can be used for stress relief, building confidence, supporting weight loss, etc. The more you do it, the deeper it goes and the longer it lasts. Therefore, I only am offering packages so we can work together to create a sustainable shift toward mental freedom.

Note: As I work towards graduation this spring, my prices will continue to increase.